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Taco Bell Coupons

Posted: 17-05-2013 10:52:43
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The company was founded by Glen Bell. At first he opened a hot-dog stand when he was 23 (in 1946) and it was called “Bell’s Drive-In”. Six years later, in 1952, he sold this stand, bought a new one and started selling tacos under a new name - “Taco-Tia”. During the next few years he owned and operated a number of locations in southern California.

By 1962, Glen Bell sold his El Tacos and built the first Taco Bell in Downey. Taco-Tia was sold the same year. The first Taco Bell franchise was bought from Glen Bell two years later (in 1964) by a former L.A. police officer.

Soon the company started to grow rapidly and it had 100 restaurants by 1967.

Restaurant concepts

The company opened the first Taco Bell Express, in 1991 and it was located in San Francisco. This particular concept was a sort of smaller version of a usual Taco Bell restaurant and it had a limited menu (all the items in the menu were below $1). These “Express” locations operated mostly inside truck stops, airports, shopping malls and various convenience stores.

The company began to cooperate with KFC in 1995 and the first co-brand was opened in North Carolina. Since then the chain started to cooperate with Long John Silver and Pizza Hut.

In 1997, the company started to experiment with a new grill concept. Thus appeared the new Border Bell restaurant and it was opened in Mountain view, California. This restaurant offered some items from the original Taco Bell menu and featured some Mexican-inspired items, just like in Chevys Fresh Mex (which was owned by PepsiCo at that time). Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed and converted into Taco Bell later on.


People, who visit fast food restaurants often, know that such establishments release coupons and Taco Bell is not an exception. Indeed, Taco Bell coupons (both clipping and printable ones) let you save up on certain dishes. For example, Taco Bell coupon codes that were released this month can give you a $5 Build Your Own Box Meal, Happier Hour from 2-5PM (which means that menu items will cost $1 each), Variety Taco 12 Pack (a limited offer). To start your search for those coupons, just type “Taco Bell coupons 2013” in any search engine.


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