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Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons

Posted: 19-02-2013 10:40:24
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The company’s mission is to surprise its clients every day by providing the highest level of satisfaction with food, friendly service, value and fun. The same goes to their team members: the company does its best to provide the same respect, encouragement and, of course, fair treatment. The company strives to surprise communities where it does business by practicing good citizenship and improving these communities by all possible means. The last, but far from the least – Buffalo Wild Wings, as franchise, wants to surprise its shareholders and franchisees with outstanding operational performance and financial results.     

Buffalo Wild Wings

The company was founded in 1982 by two good friends Scott Lowery and Jim Disbrow. The reason to create a restaurant has a story: in 1981, when Jim was judging a figure skating competition in Ohio, he met Scott and they decided to find some restaurant with Buffalo-style chicken wings, but to their surprise, there were no such place in the whole town. Thus there was born the idea to build the restaurant, which was located in Columbus due to its large student population. So, a new restaurant appeared in 1982 and it was set in some empty storeroom near the campus.

The restaurant was called Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck at first, and the term was referred to a popular dish that was called “kimmelweck” – a roll covered with caraway seeds and kosher salt, which is originated in Germany.

Other company key dates include:  

  • 1991 – the company started to franchise its concept;
  • 1994 – a new CFO – Sally Smith – joins the company and starts to resolve financial problems;
  • 1996 – Buffalo Wild Wings expanded to 60 outlets with Sally Smith as president and CEO;
  • 1998 – the first national advertising campaign;
  • 1999 – the company opens a 1000th restaurant and obtains $8.5 in private funding;
  • A new Buffalo-wild wings-inspired type of potato chips was introduced to the public.


As it was mentioned before, Buffalo Wild Wings releases “Buffalo Wild Wings coupons” that give you an opportunity to receive discounts or other special offers, which depend on the coupon. For example, you can get a $100 gift card with a Buffalo Wild Wings coupon, released in February. You can find all the information about coupons and subscribe for Buffalo Wild Wings coupons 2013 at the company’s web-site.    


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